social media

Our Objective

… is to help you interact more effectively with your new and existing customers to sell more stuff.

We can create your website and make it an effective marketing tool and we also look at the bigger picture of marketing and selling in this new world of social media and help set you up to do it yourself or we can do it for you.

We are based in Adelaide South Australia and we can help you to sort out social media so you are driving it and successfully promoting and selling because this is what you have to do to succeed today..



an artist who creates websites

I enjoy creating websites and I use my background as an artist and cartoonist to create an effective mobile ready websites that looks good. I design my websites in Joomla or WordPress and train clients to update the websites themselves. 


a techie with a personality

My background is working in programming and marketing for Panasonic based in Sydney. My area now is social media and the bigger picture of marketing and promotion in this new world.